Partnering for faster and more assured mission success – with GomSpace

A podcast with Frank Tobin of nanosatellite manufacturer GomSpace North America about the pros and cons of working with external partners in space missions today.

The Space Situational Awareness (SSA) buyer’s portal

Free, customized quotes from the best space situational awareness (SSA) suppliers on the market – to keep your mission safe and on track.

Spotlight: How green propellant can bring new benefits to rideshare missions – with Rubicon Space Systems

This article highlights the importance of green propellant and how it can increase the rideshare opportunity for spacecraft that require chemical propulsion. It also features products from Rubicon Space Systems.

How satsearch is fixing space procurement

Space procurement is changing fast, with new suppliers and buyers emerging every year. Find out how we’re helping everyone navigate the maze.

Space services we use every day

An overview of space services that we use every day on Earth, across a number of different industries and sectors.

Spotlight: Powering the latest trends of space electronics – with Texas Instruments

This article discusses power management systems for space applications and the Texas Instruments’ strategy for the NewSpace market.

Decision making and agility in space mission development – with Epsilon3

A discussion on how work package solutions can help teams and streamline necessary processes for mission development; by saving additional cost/time in the process.

Satellite AIT (assembly, integration and testing) products and services

Browse satellite AIT services, equipment, and other solutions from suppliers across the global space industry.

CubeSat antennas from suppliers around the world

Discover a range of CubeSat antennas for effective satellite communication, from suppliers around the world.

How satsearch works – for engineers

Satsearch offers free procurement support and services for space engineers around the world. Find out more here.

Space grade connectors from manufacturers around the world

Discover how to identify and evaluate commercially available space grade connectors for a variety of applications and services.

Predictive maintenance in aerospace manufacturing – with

This article provides insights into the importance and benefits of predictive maintenance in aerospace manufacturing and key takeaways for the space industry.

The advantages of Field-Emission Electric Propulsion (FEEP) – with ENPULSION

This article discusses some of the most common criteria to consider when selecting propulsion solutions for space systems and the advantages of Field-Emission Electric Propulsion (FEEP).

Space grade solar cells on the global market

Discover space grade solar cells from suppliers across the global market, to power your mission, service or space-based asset.

Atmospheric re-entry: facilitating the launch and return of materials in space – with Space Forge and Southern Launch

A podcast with Space Forge and Southern Launch, discussing in-space manufacturing, return of materials from space, launch services and more.

Satellite platform selection: choosing the right size for your CubeSat or small satellite mission

This article discusses important factors which can determine the ideal platform size for a small satellite mission or service’s constellation.

When do you need to de-orbit a satellite?

Planning when to de-orbit a satellite is an important factor for every mission. So when should it be done?

Common pitfalls in manufacturing and AI&T that can be overcome using Epsilon3

This article provides insights into manufacturing and AI&T processes that can be streamlined using Epsilon3’s solutions. It also covers an outlook on the challenges involved in these processes and the integration of Epsilon3’s solutions in the project lifecycle management.

Chemical propulsion systems for satellites

Chemical propulsion in satellite thrusters is an established technique for generating in-space thrust. View products on the market here.

Electric propulsion systems for satellites

Electric propulsion (EP) systems and thrusters for small satellites and CubeSats enable a variety of mission options and processes.