Deployable antennas: the skills needed to go from design to space – with Oxford Space Systems

A discussion with Oxford Space Systems team on how deployable antennas are designed, manufactured, and delivered for satellites.

Spotlight: accelerating space data processing to improve sustainability – with Cloudflight

An overview of the benefits that advanced space data processing capabilities can bring to a variety of missions and services.

High-power, deployable solar arrays for CubeSats – with DCUBED

A discussion with Deployables Cubed (DCUBED) about innovation in high-power solar arrays, and the benefits they can bring to CubeSats.

Spotlight: how to reduce power consumption in space electronics – with Texas Instruments

Discover how to optimize your system in order to reduce power consumption in space electronics – a spotlight article with Texas Instruments.

NewSpace, spacecraft architectures, and software-defined satellites – with ReOrbit

A podcast on innovation in satellite missions and the NewSpace sector, with Ignacio Chechile, Chief Technology Officer of ReOrbit.

De-orbiting technologies for satellites: active and passive end-of-life systems on the global market

An overview of de-orbiting technologies for satellites on the global marketplace for space.

Automating satellite operations to enable responsive and efficient space missions

A live demonstration of MiRAGE, AIKO’s satellite automation software package.

The modern space supply chain – with Pixxel

A discussion about the modern space supply chain with advice for suppliers around the world.

Machine learning in space – with KP Labs

A podcast on approaches to using artificial intelligence to run smarter satellite missions, with satsearch member KP Labs.

Ka band transceivers, transmitters, and receivers for satellites

An overview of ka-band transceivers, transmitters, and receivers for satellites on the global marketplace for space.

The evolution of commercial human spaceflight – with Epsilon3

A discussion about human spaceflight – the drivers, demand, concepts, and outlook for the future – with Laura Crabtree, CEO of Epsilon3.

Spotlight: on-board data processing for next-generation satellites – with Unibap

Discover how on-board data processing (OBDP) is evolving to meet demands for faster, higher-volume collection & analysis, with Unibap AB.

Improving optical performance in NewSpace missions using black coatings – with ACM Coatings of Acktar

A discussion on how black optical coatings can be used to suppress stray light, and reduce noise and reflections in space hardware.

A guide to NewSpace microsatellites – exploring 100-400 kg class platforms

A webinar on the opportunities that 100-400 kg buses and platforms for microsatellites can bring, with speakers from 4 expert manufacturers.

Spotlight: Space Enhanced Plastic products for NewSpace – with Texas Instruments

Discover how TI’s space enhanced plastic (Space EP) products can be used in commercial low Earth orbit (LEO) applications or missions with shorter lifetime requirements.

Spotlight: the applications of deployables – with DCUBED

Deployable sub-systems and components play vital roles in satellite missions and on other spacecraft. This article discusses different applications of deployables.

Reducing errors in space missions using software-based routines

Discover how to improve space missions with Epsilon3’s advanced procedure-tracking, and intelligent error checking and automation in footage from a live satsearch demo.

Spotlight: control moment gyroscopes (CMGs) for small satellites – with Veoware Space

Agile satellites bring new benefits and capabilities to operators. This article discusses enhancing satellite maneuverability using control moment gyroscopes (CMGs).

Global space industry: 2021 highlights and 2022 trends

An overview of some of the trends we’ve been following in 2021, and thoughts on how the industry might progress in 2022.

A guide to selecting Earth Observation cameras for satellite missions

A satsearch webinar on the factors that need to be weighed up during the selection of the most suitable Earth Observation (EO) optical payload for a satellite mission.