An overview of satellite-based Automatic Identification System (AIS) Receivers on the global market

Find out more about space-based maritime vessel detection and view products available on the global marketplace.

Core space industry procurement concepts

Find out more about how commercial companies communicate to and engage with potential buyers from the private, public, education and third sectors.

Satellite structures on the global marketplace

An overview of commercial satellite structure products from suppliers across the world – important building blocks of modern space missions

Spotlight: the importance of flight heritage and opportunities for IOD missions, with SatRevolution

As part of the go-to-market strategy for space companies, there is growing need for them to acquire meaningful flight heritage. Flight heritage is essential for suppliers looking to achieve commercial

Spotlight: how to secure a license for your space mission ground segment, with Leaf Space

In a satellite mission the ground segment requires a separate but related license to the space segment – find out how to secure yours today.

Space education and training products and services on the global marketplace

A range of educational space services and solutions for students, hobbyists and professional development

Spotlight: An introduction to Commsat – a Chinese space company that recently completed a Series B financing round

Find out more about the private space industry in China with these new insights from Yuxin Liu of TU Delft.

An overview of satellite Electrical Power Systems (EPS) on the global marketplace for space

Discover a range of commercially-available systems for providing electrical power to the relevant systems in the satellite all around the world

Spotlight: technical details of the Long March 5B launch and new crew capsule

Find out more about China’s recent Long March 5B in this guest post from Yuxin Liu, PhD candidate at the department of Astrodynamics and Space Missions, TU Delft

Spotlight: trade studies in space systems engineering

Discover an interesting approach to performing systems engineering trade studies developed by Adithya Rajendran, Head of Engineering at Lux Aerobot.

S-band antennas on the global marketplace for space

Discover commercially-available models from suppliers around the world in this satsearch market segment overview

Launch separation systems for CubeSats and microsatellites

Discover a range of commercial companies offering dedicated launch separation solutions for different satellite sizes on the global space marketplace

Spotlight: Satlantis and Space BD aiming to be the first to launch a miniaturized submeter camera

Press release on a new In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) mission by Satlantis Microsats and Space BD.

Spotlight: satellite ground stations – installing your own vs. using an existing network, with Leaf Space

The ground segment is a vital part of any satellite mission – but is it better to build a ground station (or network of ground stations) or use a service provider that already has hardware in place?

An overview of S-band transmitters on the global marketplace for space

In this article we review S-band transmitter products from multiple different manufacturers available on the global space marketplace

Survey results – space industry sentiment on re-building after Covid-19

Explore the results of our industry-wide survey assessing current sentiment on how Covid-19 will affect the space industry

Smallsat and CubeSat solar panels on the global market

Smaller satellites require a light, compact and efficient power generation system that is still robust enough to withstand launch and in-orbit operation

Spotlight: Apps in space? It’s possible with the NanoSat MO Framework – ESA’s cutting-edge flight software

Find out more about the pioneering development environment that is enabling the creation of apps in space.

CubeSat cameras and optical payloads for small satellites on the global marketplace

View our sector overview of Earth Observation (EO) optical payloads for small satellites on the global marketplace.

An overview of on-board computer (OBC) systems available on the global space marketplace

On-board computer (OBC) systems provide processing capabilities that operate as part of the satellite’s avionic sub-system and run the on-board software. In this post you can see OBC products from suppliers all over the world