Improving optical performance in NewSpace missions using black coatings – with ACM Coatings of Acktar

A discussion on how black optical coatings can be used to suppress stray light, and reduce noise and reflections in space hardware.

A guide to NewSpace microsatellites – exploring 100-400 kg class platforms

A webinar on the opportunities that 100-400 kg buses and platforms for microsatellites can bring, with speakers from 4 expert manufacturers.

Spotlight: Space Enhanced Plastic products for NewSpace – with Texas Instruments

Discover how TI’s space enhanced plastic (Space EP) products can be used in commercial low Earth orbit (LEO) applications or missions with shorter lifetime requirements.

Spotlight: the applications of deployables – with DcubeD

Deployable sub-systems and components play vital roles in satellite missions and on other spacecraft. This article discusses different applications of deployables.

Reducing errors in space missions using software-based routines

Discover how to improve space missions with Epsilon3’s advanced procedure-tracking, and intelligent error checking and automation in footage from a live satsearch demo.

Spotlight: control moment gyroscopes (CMGs) for small satellites – with Veoware Space

Agile satellites bring new benefits and capabilities to operators. This article discusses enhancing satellite maneuverability using control moment gyroscopes (CMGs).

Global space industry: 2021 highlights and 2022 trends

An overview of some of the trends we’ve been following in 2021, and thoughts on how the industry might progress in 2022.

A guide to selecting Earth Observation cameras for satellite missions

A satsearch webinar on the factors that need to be weighed up during the selection of the most suitable Earth Observation (EO) optical payload for a satellite mission.

Enhancing component procurement in the space sector – with Dimac Red

A discussion with Michele Pergola at Dimac Red about the decisions that engineers need to make when selecting electronic components for space missions.

Optimizing risk, quality, and price in NewSpace electronic component procurement – with Texas Instruments

A discussion about how to select, qualify, and integrate the most suitable electronic components for a NewSpace mission or service, with Michael Seidl from Texas Instruments.

Innovation in the use of blockchain technology for satellite ground station services – with Sfera Technologies

A discussion about innovation in the use of blockchain technology for satellite ground station services, with Zdravko Dimitrov, CEO of Sfera Technologies.

A guide to advanced data processing and AI for satellite missions

Advanced on-board processing and AI processes enable satellites to extract more value from greater volumes and varieties of data than ever before. Find out more about these emerging processes in this satsearch webinar.

Improving space missions using software-based procedures and communications – with Epsilon3

A discussion about how sophisticated software-based communications protocols and process tracking can lead to more efficient and successful missions.

Spotlight: advancing satellite software development with Hastlayer – of satsearch member Lombiq Technologies

An introduction to Lombiq Technologies’ Hastlayer, a satellite software development tool built on the popular and accessible .NET framework.

The emergence of electrothermal water-based propulsion for CubeSats – with SteamJet Space Systems

A discussion about the performance, applications, and trade-offs electrothermal water-based propulsion technologies for CubeSats and smallsats.

Creating deployable antennas for CubeSat missions – with Oxford Space Systems

A discussion about the opportunities that deployable systems can bring to new missions and services, and the challenges that their development and testing bring.

How to choose the right smallsat ADCS

This article shares a webinar with industry experts on choosing the right ADCS for a small satellite mission, held by satsearch in September 2021.

The evolution of testing and qualification for deployables in the NewSpace industry – with DcubeD

Find out more about the testing and qualification processes employed in the NewSpace industry for deployable sub-systems and components.

Solving integration and operational challenges for shared and dedicated satellite missions – with EnduroSat

A podcast with Viktor Danchev, CTO of EnduroSat, about interface planning, testing, integration, and other challenges faced during satellite missions.

Ground Segment as a Service (GSaaS); streamlining procurement across multiple missions – with Leaf Space

A podcast with Leaf Space on how an effective ground segment service can help satellite operators achieve efficiencies in procurement, development, and operation of multiple missions.