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Spotlight: a complete guide to building space mission operations, part one – with Epsilon3

Building effective mission operations is the cornerstone of success in space. Find out more about why this is such an important stage of a mission and what to look out for in the process.

Enhancing phased array antenna performance by optimizing beamforming – with Texas Instruments

A discussion about optimizing beamforming, with gigahertz-clocking tree solutions, in order to enhance the performance of phased array antennas in satcom applications.

The benefits of in-orbit agility for satellites

Footage of a live demo by VEOWARE SPACE on the capabilities that greater agility can bring to space missions.

A guide to mission control for small satellites

Footage of a live demo of how to improve mission control processes, procedures, and resources, with KP Labs.

Insights into space procurement – with Space Kidz India

A discussion about how suppliers and buyers can better navigate the fragmented and evolving global space ecosystem – with Space Kidz India.

Software Defined Radios (SDRs) for space and satellite applications

Software Defined Radios (SDRs) can improve satellite communications and related processes. View an overview of models on the market here.

Deployable antennas: the skills needed to go from design to space – with Oxford Space Systems

A discussion with Oxford Space Systems team on how deployable antennas are designed, manufactured, and delivered for satellites.

Spotlight: accelerating space data processing to improve sustainability – with Cloudflight

An overview of the benefits that advanced space data processing capabilities can bring to a variety of missions and services.

High-power, deployable solar arrays for CubeSats – with DCUBED

A discussion with Deployables Cubed (DCUBED) about innovation in high-power solar arrays, and the benefits they can bring to CubeSats.

Spotlight: how to reduce power consumption in space electronics – with Texas Instruments

Discover how to optimize your system in order to reduce power consumption in space electronics – a spotlight article with Texas Instruments.

NewSpace, spacecraft architectures, and software-defined satellites – with ReOrbit

A podcast on innovation in satellite missions and the NewSpace sector, with Ignacio Chechile, Chief Technology Officer of ReOrbit.

De-orbiting technologies for satellites: active and passive end-of-life systems on the global market

An overview of de-orbiting technologies for satellites on the global marketplace for space.

Automating satellite operations to enable responsive and efficient space missions

A live demonstration of MiRAGE, AIKO’s satellite automation software package.

The modern space supply chain – with Pixxel

A discussion about the modern space supply chain with advice for suppliers around the world.

Machine learning in space – with KP Labs

A podcast on approaches to using artificial intelligence to run smarter satellite missions, with satsearch member KP Labs.

Ka-band transceivers, transmitters, and receivers for satellites

An overview of ka-band transceivers, transmitters, and receivers for satellites on the global marketplace for space.

The evolution of commercial human spaceflight – with Epsilon3

A discussion about human spaceflight – the drivers, demand, concepts, and outlook for the future – with Laura Crabtree, CEO of Epsilon3.

Spotlight: on-board data processing for next-generation satellites – with Unibap

Discover how on-board data processing (OBDP) is evolving to meet demands for faster, higher-volume collection & analysis, with Unibap AB.

Improving optical performance in NewSpace missions using black coatings – with ACM Coatings of Acktar

A discussion on how black optical coatings can be used to suppress stray light, and reduce noise and reflections in space hardware.

A guide to NewSpace microsatellites – exploring 100-400 kg class platforms

A webinar on the opportunities that 100-400 kg buses and platforms for microsatellites can bring, with speakers from 4 expert manufacturers.