On the verge: bringing satellite-to-phone (Sat2Phone) connectivity to billions – with Lynk

A podcast with Charles Miller, CEO and co-founder of Lynk, on the fast-moving satellite-to-phone (Sat2Phone) industry.

Satellite edge computing suppliers on the global market

Discover satellite edge computing hardware and software from across the global market, as well as an overview of the concept.

Optimize mission costs through black coatings – with Acktar

This article provides an outlook on how black coatings can optimize costs in space missions. It also features coating products from Acktar.

Sifting out low-quality Earth Observation data – with AIKO

View a live demo of AIKO’s cloudy_CHARLES onboard Earth Observation data processing system that sifts out images affected by clouds.

Spotlight: what is a Software Defined Satellite? With ReOrbit

An introduction to and overview of Software Defined Satellites, exploring their advantages and market prospects for the future.

A brief introduction to the space supply chain

This introduction to the space supply chain gives a quick and simple overview of the types of companies and organizations active today.

Powering the latest trends of space electronics – with Texas Instruments

A discussion on the latest trends in space electronics and their importance in space missions with Texas Instruments.

Many-to-one: (the not so) hidden benefits of the Ground Segment as-a-Service – with Leaf Space

A discussion on Ground-Segment-as-a-Service and its benefits for the space and satellite industry, with Leaf Space.

An introduction to digital marketing in the space industry

In this introduction to digital marketing in the space industry we share strategy, tactics, channels, and other business development advice.

Managing hot zones in a small satellite – with Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands

HiPeR Flexlinks are a unique form of thermal strap that provides a medium to transfer the heat from the source of the application to a heat sink. To receive more insights on HiPeR Flexlinks and in general the functioning of thermal straps, read our latest spotlight article with Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands.

Spotlight: how to avoid perils in orbit – with Vyoma

The issue of space debris has pushed the space industry to develop innovative Space Situational Awareness (SSA) solutions to safeguard satellites and other space assets in orbit. Find out how Vyoma is developing such unique SSA solutions.

The advantages of new communication payloads to face the challenges of modern space missions – with Alén Space

A discussion on the advantages of new satellite communication payloads, such as SDR solutions, for NewSpace missions with Alén Space.

Microsatellite platforms and buses on the global market

Build your space mission with microsatellite platforms and buses available on marketplace, from suppliers around the world.

CubeSat platforms and buses on the market

CubeSat platforms and buses are readymade satellite options for your missions – discover the products on the market to fit your payload today.

Microsatellite and CubeSat platforms on the global market

Discover details of microsatellite buses and CubeSat platforms from suppliers across the global space industry ecosystem.

Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVAC) products and services on the global market

View a range of Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVAC) products and services available on the global market – for testing satellites and spacecraft.

Spotlight: the power of visual feedback in space – with Infinity Avionics

Visual feedback in space enables greater functionality and value generation, while lowering risks. Find out how with Infinity Avionics.

An alternative approach to building space software infrastructure – with Bright Ascension

A discussion about software development in the space industry covering bottlenecks, risk mitigation, and opportunities, with Bright Ascension.

How to improve satellite health monitoring – with Texas Instruments

Satellite health monitoring is vital for ensuring mission success. This article, with Texas Instruments, delves deep into this topic at an electronics level.

Solar Array Drive Assemblies (SADAs) on the global market

View Solar Array Drive Assemblies (SADAs) – used for positioning solar panels on a satellite – available on the global space marketplace.