Spotlight: Plan – visualize schedules, timelines, and dependencies to track the critical path – with Epsilon3


This article provides insights into Epsilon3’s Plan software tool and its applications in the space industry.

Epsilon3 developed a Plan software tool to easily plan and manage tasks by scheduling procedures, events, and operations in an interactive Gantt view with powerful filtering, organization, and editing capabilities.

The article was developed in collaboration with Epsilon3, a paying participant in the satsearch membership program.


Effective project management is the cornerstone of successful organizational endeavors, and the ability to visualize schedules, timelines, and dependencies is critical for ensuring projects stay on track. The space industry’s changing dynamics and technological advancement demand a thorough understanding and planning of work packages to help streamline and deliver on time to save both costs and efforts.

Several NewSpace companies are planning to launch a constellation of satellites; In which some constellations consist of even more than a thousand satellites. Amidst such ambitious and rapid progress in the industry, there is a need for high-quality planning tools to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Epsilon3’s Plan tool is designed to enhance project planning in the space industry by offering an intuitive and comprehensive way to visualize and manage schedules, timelines, and dependencies. In the next sections of the article, we will take a closer look at the Plan tool.

Critical path and its importance in project management

Before delving into the features of Epsilon3‘s Plan, it’s important to understand the idea of the critical route. The critical route is the longest chain of dependent and interrelated operations in a project that defines its total length. These activities, also known as key activities; any delay in these tasks immediately impact the project’s deadline. In project management, the critical path is the sequence of phases that determines the least amount of time required for a task. Identifying the key route allows project managers to properly allocate resources, set realistic timeframes, and manage stakeholder expectations.

In space missions, the critical path refers to the sequence of actions that must be performed on time to ensure the mission’s success. Unlike many other businesses, delays in space missions can have far-reaching effects, ranging from financial setbacks to compromised mission objectives. Identifying and tracking the key route is therefore crucial for the authority or the organization responsible for the project management.

Meeting modern-day space mission demands with schedules

Epsilon3’s Plan excels at developing dynamic and visually appealing schedules that serve as the foundation for project success. Users may easily input project tasks, assign durations, and create dependencies using a simple interface. The application then creates an interactive visual depiction of the project schedule, making it simple to identify work sequences and their associated deadlines.

The real-time nature of the Plan guarantees that any changes made to the schedule are immediately reflected in the visual depiction. This capability is crucial for project managers looking to respond to unanticipated situations or changes in project needs, offering the necessary flexibility in today’s dynamic business climate.

The Epsilon3 Plan tool is designed to visualize schedules, timelines, and dependencies to track the critical path in the space industry. It helps to easily plan and manage tasks by scheduling procedures, events, and operations in an interactive Gantt view with powerful filtering, organization, and editing capabilities. All while leveraging customers' existing procedures and operations.

Some of the other key pointers in the schedule and operations include:

  • Plan out ops and complex team tasks by scheduling procedures, events, and operations.
  • Visualize timelines and schedules in an interactive Gantt view with powerful filtering, organization, and editing capabilities.
  • View high-level information on the status of your scheduled events at a glance, then drill down to see run statuses, resource utilization, sub-events, milestones, and dependencies.
  • Intuitive dependency builder to manage complex relationships between events and build structures of interconnected events.
  • Queue up procedures and tasks with deadlines to leverage tools for automatic and augmented scheduling to maximize resource utilization and meet deadlines.
  • Build trees of sub-events to organize and manage long, complex operations and keep tabs on critical activities and milestones.
  • Lock schedules with configurable controls for reviewing single or batched revisions and tracking on-the-fly deviations.
  • Plan recurring maintenance and operational tasks easily and intuitively.
  • Keep stakeholders updated using native integrations with common schedule & calendar solutions.

Timelines: navigating the project journey

Timelines are an essential component of project management, providing a chronological overview of activities and milestones. Epsilon3’s Plan elevates timeline visualization to a new level, offering a clear and complete perspective of the full project experience. The tool’s ability to generate numerous timelines for individual project components or team members improves communication and coordination. This feature guarantees that all stakeholders, from team members to executives, get a personalized picture of the project’s timetable, promoting a common knowledge of progress and goals.

Epsilon3 uses interactive Gantt charts to create a visual depiction of project timeframes. Space mission planners may see the start and end dates of tasks, dependencies, and the critical route at a glance. The dynamic nature of these charts enables real-time revisions, ensuring that any changes are quickly reflected in the project timeline.

Video credits: Epsilon3

Dependencies: unveiling interconnected relationships

Dependencies are important to hold project tasks together. Identifying and managing dependencies is critical for ensuring that activities are completed in the proper order and project timeframes remain on track. The Epsilon3’s Plan tool streamlines the process of visualizing and maintaining dependencies, allowing users to construct linkages between jobs with a few clicks.

The tool’s dependency visualization feature allows project managers to visualize how modifications to one job may affect another. This foresight is vital for risk mitigation, effective resource allocation, and sustaining the critical path’s integrity. The Plan tool allows users to quickly navigate the complex web of task dependencies, resulting in well-coordinated and synchronized project execution.

Risk mitigation and resource optimization

The NewSpace sector has helped make space technology accessible to both entrepreneurs and consumers. Nevertheless, space business verticals like the Launch segment, still remain a risky business; Where companies like SpaceX and government space agencies like the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) are only the few players to achieve a high success rate in the launch segment.

In such verticals, Epsilon3’s visualization capabilities help reduce risk by offering a clear picture of possible bottlenecks and enabling proactive interventions to keep the critical path on track. Identifying and minimizing risks is an important part of project management. Epsilon3’s Plan helps with risk management by visualizing possible bottlenecks, job dependencies, and key routes. The tool’s interactive capabilities allow project managers to simulate various scenarios and determine how possible hazards affect project timeframes.

Furthermore, the Plan‘s resource allocation technique enables project managers to maximize resource utilization. Managers may deploy resources strategically by understanding the dependencies and important routes, ensuring that the appropriate staff are available when and where they are required. This proactive strategy reduces the chance of delays while increasing overall project efficiency.


Epsilon3’s Plan emerges as a unique option for project managers in the space industry, looking to improve their project management methods. Plan makes project planning and execution easier by offering a visual framework for plans, deadlines, and dependencies. The tool’s user-friendly layout, collaborative capabilities, and emphasis on real-time updates make it an invaluable asset for organizations seeking to succeed in project management.

The Plan tool not only answers project managers’ immediate demands in the space industry, but it also contributes to a culture transformation inside organizations, where projects are orchestrated with precision and forethought rather than simply handled. As organizations face the difficulties of an ever-changing landscape, Epsilon3’s Plan serves as a beacon, guiding them to more efficient, transparent, and effective project management.

To find out more about Epsilon3, please view their supplier hub here on the satsearch platform.

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