How satsearch works – for engineers


In today’s global, diverse, and fast-moving space industry, it can take hundreds of man-hours to find the best products and suppliers for any new mission.

You can also see very similar products and services (producing near-identical results) vary in price between 1X to 10X depending on the supplier.

Transparency on the market lets you get a clear view of price-to-performance and can save significant time and money in space missions.

We can help you short-cut discovery processes dramatically and we have supported over 400 missions to date to do just that; helping thousands of engineers from more than 150 countries.

Satsearch is a specialist supply chain discovery platform for the space industry offering multiple benefits for space engineers – ALL 100% FREE.

Here’s how it works:

Our platform features details of thousands of suppliers, products, and services from across the global space supply chain.

All this information is categorized and made freely and openly available to space engineers and mission designers looking to find the best solutions to meet their needs.

You can browse the database by looking through the different categories of products and services here.

Alternatively, find options for your missions simply by searching our site, from any page.

Finally, to save even more time, you can simply share with us your high-level requirements and then we’ll scan the market for you, contact relevant suppliers, and send proposals directly to your inbox in a matter of days. Click here to get started.

Once we have found great options for your mission we’ll provide you with the relevant information directly.

Again – there is NO CHARGE for any of these services and they are completely NO OBLIGATION for space engineers at any level.

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Request – easily ask for quotes, further information, and proposals in seconds

Once you’ve identified a relevant product or service that meets your needs, satsearch makes it quick and easy to submit requests to the supplier.

With just a few clicks you can ask for pricing, documents, lead times, technical specifications, or anything else you might need for your engineering and mission plans.

Only share what information you’re happy to give out, though the more details we have, the more relevant your results will be.

This service is also 100% FREE and available 24/7.

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Privacy – stay protected and secure

Protecting your identity and privacy in procurement processes is sometimes important in space missions.

We work on a ‘double consent’ model – we do not share any information with a supplier that an engineer would like to keep private, and vice versa.

You can let us know if you have specific privacy requirements at any time and we’ll be happy to factor those into the service that we offer.

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Get advice – receive expert support and insights to boost your mission

One of the most difficult aspects of space engineering, like in any complex field, is dealing with the unknown unknowns.

During many stages of mission design there may be alternative technologies or processes you can employ that can save time, resources, and Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) budget.

Our expert team is available to give you free advice and guidance on the selection and procurement of critical mission solutions. Just click here and let us know what you need today.

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Compare – identify alternative suppliers with ease

With new suppliers and products hitting the market every week, and older ones changing or becoming obsolete, it is getting more difficult to quickly and easily find relevant alternatives for a certain sub-system or component.

This is a core service we offer to engineers (again, completely for free). Just click here to start searching the site, or send us your specific requirements with this simple form.

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Business model – who pays satsearch and how do we make money?

Satsearch is funded by suppliers in the marketplace. Our business model means that we are able to offer all of our services and support to engineers and buyers in the industry for free.

Not every supplier listed on satsearch is paying a fee to do so – only those who participate in the Satsearch Membership Program are funding the company, and these are all openly and transparently published on this page.

You can also determine which companies are members by a blue tick symbol on search results, links, and product pages on the site.

Satsearch members receive a range of extra benefits and support not available to non-members including dedicated business development and marketing support, supply-side advice and guidance, and access to new business opportunities from across the world.

We do not bias the market in any way – but as we have well-established, ongoing commercial relationships with member suppliers, we can often provide engineers with faster responses from them. In addition, we can only facilitate direct personal connections with member suppliers.

We are a trusted, neutral third party marketplace, dedicated to helping engineers and mission designers find the best options. Here are just a few of the hundreds of organizations whose engineers trust satsearch to support their procurement:

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