Artificial Intelligence (AI) and edge computing in space – with Unibap

A podcast about the uses of AI and edge computing systems and processes in space applications.

Space grade FPGA-based OBCs and payload processors

An overview of FPGA-based on-board computers (OBCs) and payload processing systems for satellites on the global market.

On cutting edge satellite camera technologies and misconceptions in NewSpace – with SATLANTIS

A podcast about some of the latest emerging and existing optical payload solutions for the Earth Observation (EO) market.

Spotlight: 9 factors to keep in mind when selecting an optical payload

Guidance on selecting an optical payload for an Earth Observation (EO) mission or service. Insights from satsearch member Simera Sense.

Agile manufacturing in the NewSpace sector – with NanoAvionics

A podcast about the engineering and production challenges that space companies face when scaling up supply, with NanoAvionics.

The Space Industry podcast – episode 8

In episode 8 of the Space Industry podcast we discuss commercial-off-the-shelf components and deployable systems with DcubeD.

The Space Industry podcast – episode 7

In episode 7 of the Space Industry podcast we discuss optical laser communications systems for satellites with Hyperion Technologies.

The Space Industry podcast – episode 6

Episode 6 of the Space Industry podcast is a discussion about how satellite antenna technology is changing to meet the needs of the modern space industry.

The Space Industry podcast – episode 5

A podcast about progress in the development and production of components and sub-systems for the NewSpace sector, with NPC Spacemind.

The Space Industry podcast – episode 4

A discussion of the benefits and opportunities that .Net development could bring to the space industry, and the challenges of accelerating its adoption – with satsearch member Lombiq Technologies.

The Space Industry podcast – episode 3

A discussion of the benefits that flexible and efficient ground station services bring to NewSpace missions and service providers – with Leaf Space.

The Space Industry podcast – episode 2

Discover more about the challenges of creating minimized attitude control for small satellites.

The Space Industry podcast – episode 1

Find out more about the work of Austrian thruster manufacturer and satsearch member ENPULSION in this podcast on the Space Industry.

Cybersecurity for smallsats – 5 key concepts explained

Cybersecurity for smallsats is increasingly important as the number of systems and applications grows. Find out 5 of the core concepts here.

Smallsat and CubeSat GPS antennas and GNSS systems

Small satellite, nanosat or CubeSat GPS antennas and GNSS systems – an overview of products available on the global marketplace.

Spotlight: ground station site discovery and management

Find out the most important criteria that go in to selecting the best ground station site for a mission or service in this spotlight article.

Spotlight: NewSpace in Latin America, leading by example

NewSpace in Latin America is growing rapidly. Find out more about some of the companies and organizations leading the way.

A closer look at the Indian space industry

Find out more about the space industry in India with the results of a new trade study into the commercial and ISRO supply chain.

Spotlight: how to choose a satellite on-board computer (OBC)

Discover 11 key criteria that will show you how to choose a satellite on-board computer for your particular mission or service.

Satellite UHF and VHF transceivers and transmitters

Satellite UHF and VHF communications transceivers and transmitters currently available on the global marketplace for space.

Spotlight: MinoSpace – a Chinese private satellite system manufacturer scaling to meet demand

An introduction to satsearch member company MinoSpace – a Chinese satellite developer currently scaling production and operations.

Spotlight: Tensor Tech – pioneering spherical motor technology

Taiwan-based Tensor Tech are bringing innovative spherical motor reaction sphere technology for small satellites to the space industry.

Spotlight: company profile of NanoAvionics, a multinational nanosatellite mission integrator

Find out more about NanoAvionics’ history, expertise, and the company’s portfolio of nanosatellite platforms, sub-systems, and mission services on satsearch.

PocketQube satellites and sub-systems on the global marketplace

Find out more about commercially-available PocketQube technologies and applications in this short overview of the market.

An overview of satellite-based Automatic Identification System (AIS) Receivers on the global market

Find out more about space-based maritime vessel detection and view products available on the global marketplace.

Core space industry procurement concepts

Find out more about how commercial companies communicate to and engage with potential buyers from the private, public, education and third sectors.

Satellite structures on the global marketplace

An overview of commercial satellite structure products from suppliers across the world – important building blocks of modern space missions

Spotlight: the importance of flight heritage and opportunities for IOD missions, with SatRevolution

As part of the go-to-market strategy for space companies, there is growing need for them to acquire meaningful flight heritage. Flight heritage is essential for suppliers looking to achieve commercial

Spotlight: how to secure a license for your space mission ground segment, with Leaf Space

In a satellite mission the ground segment requires a separate but related license to the space segment – find out how to secure yours today.

Space education and training products and services on the global marketplace

A range of educational space services and solutions for students, hobbyists and professional development

Spotlight: An introduction to Commsat – a Chinese space company that recently completed a Series B financing round

Find out more about the private space industry in China with these new insights from Yuxin Liu of TU Delft.

An overview of satellite Electrical Power Systems (EPS) on the global marketplace for space

Discover a range of commercially-available systems for providing electrical power to the relevant systems in the satellite all around the world

Spotlight: technical details of the Long March 5B launch and new crew capsule

Find out more about China’s recent Long March 5B in this guest post from Yuxin Liu, PhD candidate at the department of Astrodynamics and Space Missions, TU Delft

Spotlight: trade studies in space systems engineering

Discover an interesting approach to performing systems engineering trade studies developed by Adithya Rajendran, Head of Engineering at Lux Aerobot.

S-band antennas on the global marketplace for space

Discover commercially-available models from suppliers around the world in this satsearch market segment overview

Launch separation systems for CubeSats and microsatellites

Discover a range of commercial companies offering dedicated launch separation solutions for different satellite sizes on the global space marketplace

Spotlight: Satlantis and Space BD aiming to be the first to launch a miniaturized submeter camera

Press release on a new In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) mission by Satlantis Microsats and Space BD.

Spotlight: satellite ground stations – installing your own vs. using an existing network, with Leaf Space

The ground segment is a vital part of any satellite mission – but is it better to build a ground station (or network of ground stations) or use a service provider that already has hardware in place?

An overview of S-band transmitters on the global marketplace for space

In this article we review S-band transmitter products from multiple different manufacturers available on the global space marketplace

Survey results – space industry sentiment on re-building after Covid-19

Explore the results of our industry-wide survey assessing current sentiment on how Covid-19 will affect the space industry

Smallsat and CubeSat solar panels on the global market

Smaller satellites require a light, compact and efficient power generation system that is still robust enough to withstand launch and in-orbit operation

Spotlight: Apps in space? It’s possible with the NanoSat MO Framework – ESA’s cutting-edge flight software

Find out more about the pioneering development environment that is enabling the creation of apps in space.

An overview of cameras and optical payloads for small satellites on the global marketplace

View our sector overview of Earth Observation (EO) optical payloads for small satellites.

An overview of on-board computer (OBC) systems available on the global space marketplace

On-board computer (OBC) systems provide processing capabilities that operate as part of the satellite’s avionic sub-system and run the on-board software. In this post you can see OBC products from suppliers all over the world

An overview of satellite X-band transmitters available on the global marketplace

Find out more about satellite data transfer and communication products in the X-band frequency range.

Sun sensors on the global marketplace for space

Sun sensors help satellites determine their attitude in-orbit – in this post we present products available on the market and discuss the technology

An overview of optical communications for small satellites and CubeSats on the global marketplace

Take a look at our product overview and roundup of optical communication systems for smallsats and CubeSats

Spotlight: how to connect your satellite to a ground station network, with Leaf Space

Advanced ground station networks can provide a fast and reliable ground segment service for a cost-effective price – but how do you get set up?

Big Ideas for the Space Industry in 2020

Last year was a great year for the space industry, but 2020 could be even better! Here are some ideas and predictions

Find a launch option for your CubeSat or small satellite – an overview of launch service providers

Selecting a launch option for a CubeSat or a small satellite can be a tricky challenge. In this post we take a look at some of the services available to launch a CubeSat/smallsat.

Space technology on satsearch

Links to all of the major space technology product overview posts on satsearch – reaction wheels, magnetorquers, star trackers and more

Spotlight: the critical importance of satellite structure components and equipment, with NPC Spacemind

Satellite structures can sometimes be overlooked when system designers are searching for opportunities to improve performance and utility – but they really shouldn’t be

Satellite star trackers – the cutting edge celestial navigation products available on the global space marketplace

Discover star tracker satellite navigational systems and products available today on the global marketplace for space from suppliers all over the world.

An overview of GPS receivers for small satellites

Selecting a GPS receiver for a cubesat or a small satellite can be a tricky challenge. In this post we take a look at some of the products

A survey of supplier performance in the space industry

Satsearch is conducting an on-going survey to assess the quality of engagement between engineers and suppliers in the space industry. The insights from this investigation are geared towards helping suppliers understand how they can work more effectively with engineers. In this article, we share

An overview of satellite manufacturers building picosats, cubesats, and microsats

There are over 75 satellite manufacturers globally, battling it out in the market to work with teams putting payloads into orbit. Here is a brief overview of satellite manufacturers that are operating in the space industry to deliver spacecraft that range from a few hundred grams to 150 kg.

Spotlight: Space BD – a commercial focus for the modern space industry

Find out more about Space BD, a Japanese space start-up providing products and services to space companies and clients around the world

Calling all Indian university student teams – free access to space!

Announcing the launch of SpaceShare – a new program that will give student teams access to space, for free, for a custom-made PCB that can

Satellite ground station as a service providers

Discover how satellite operators around the world are using managed ground station networks to improve communication and lower costs

Ground segment service provider Leaf Space signs major new agreement with GomSpace

Satsearch member Leaf Space and Danish nanosatellite company GomSpace will explore new ways of integrating each other’s services

Let’s talk about space law

Space law is becoming an increasingly important and more complex field – in this post we give a brief overview of some of the main concepts and

Spotlight: Leaf Space – pioneering ground segment-as-a-service

Italy-based Leaf Space provides innovative ground segment services that help satellite operators increase efficiency and offer new capabilities to end users.

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for space

This article gives a brief introduction to the concept of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and discusses how it is being used in the space

Spotlight: NPC Spacemind – advanced technology and expert solutions for the space industry

NPC Spacemind has been creating innovative solutions and technology for the space industry since 2003. In this article we delve into the company’s history, products and services,

Magnetorquers: an overview of magnetic torquer products available on the global marketplace for space

Magnetorquers provide low power attitude control for small satellites. Find out more about the products available on the global marketplace.

The 2019 Small Satellite Conference – event roundup

Last week we attended the 33rd Annual Conference on Small Satellites in Utah, USA

Demystifying auto-industry inspired assembly lines in the space industry

Discover how mass manufacturing in the space industry is learning from automotive assembly lines

Reaction wheels: an overview of attitude control systems available on the global marketplace for space

Find out more about reaction wheels and discover what products are available on the global marketplace

Event roundups of the Space System Ontology – Brainstorming Workshop and the Space Engineering and Technology Final Presentation Days (SET-FPDs)

It has been a busy few weeks in the space industry with some really interesting events in different areas of the field. In this post we give a brief overview of

CubeSat thrusters and in-space propulsion products for small satellites on the global marketplace

Selecting the right thruster for a CubeSat can be a tricky challenge. In this post we take a look at some of the products

Paris Air Show – event roundup

Last week we attended Paris Air Show – find out more about the event here

Let’s talk about Earth Observation

Earth Observation is a major part of the space industry. In this article we take a look at the

The 4th ESA CubeSat Industry Days – event roundup

The 4th ESA CubeSat Industry Days event was held at ESTEC in Noordwijk, the Netherlands last week

Spotlight: Space Structures – high performance composite structures for space

Find out more about satsearch Member Space Structures – manufacturer of high-quality composite space structures and equipment for space

Satsearch and Kerala Startup Mission Announce Exciting New Partnership to Promote NewSpace Startups in India

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Kerala Startup Mission to help advance the NewSpace sector in

Spotlight: T4i – Technology for Propulsion and Innovation

Find out more about satsearch Member T4i – manufacturer of innovative propulsion systems for small satellites and microlaunchers

Satsearch hits the 1,000 supplier mark!

We are very pleased to announce that the satsearch platform recently hit a major milestone in featuring over 1,000 space suppliers

New report on Europe-India space cooperation

Discover an extensive new report discussing collaboration between Europe and India in the space sector

8 types of product that could one day be made in space

Find out about a range of different products and materials that could be manufactured in space

Managing trust and expectations in space ecosystems

Space ecosystems take a long time to develop and it is difficult to maintain the interest and expectations of prospective clients and investors over time

Content marketing in the space industry: channel strategies

Content marketing in the space industry requires a clear and consistent strategy for using the various different channels available

Unlock new customers in the space industry with the Satsearch Membership Program

Helping space companies expand their customer base, access new geographic and vertical markets, and position for future growth through the Satsearch Membership Program (SMP)

Let’s talk about space debris

Space debris is a growing problem as new missions, technology and satellites are increasingly leaving behind material orbiting our planet

Spotlight: Morpheus Space – Developing Ground-Breaking Electric Propulsion for Small Satellites

Find out more about satsearch Member Morpheus Space – manufacturer of revolutionary electric propulsion solutions for CubeSats

The private space industry: how personal relationships are building a sector of galactic proportions

Although the private space industry involves some of the most innovative technology on (and, of course, off) the planet, personal relationships are still

Let’s talk about NewSpace

NewSpace is an increasingly common term in the space sector – but what exactly is it? Find out in this post

A review of 2019 predictions for the space industry

Discover what a range of industry experts predict could happen in the space industry throughout 2019, featuring new launches, missions, technology, companies,

Building bridges to bring the global supply chain to life for space mission design

Knowledge provided by suppliers is integral to the space mission design process. The information shared by suppliers on systems, subsystems, components and their

Introducing the satsearch mission archive

Over the last month, we’ve been working feverishly to expand and update the satsearch website. I’m excited to announce that we’re releasing a host of new features this week, including a completely new data set for

Let’s talk about CubeSats

NASA defines a “satellite” as “a moon, planet or machine that orbits a planet or star.” Hence, Earth can be considered a satellite, since it travels in an orbit around the Sun. Our Moon is also a satellite, since it orbits around the Earth. Let’s shift our focus however to

Space BD signs agreement with satsearch to promote India-Japan cooperation for space

Space is truly a global industry, with many new space-faring nations joining the ranks of the established players over the last decade. Japan and India are both thriving space economonies with significant heritage and ambitious plans for the

HOSTmi partners with satsearch to integrate supply chain into next-gen platform for payload flight opportunities

The 69th International Astronautical Congress in Bremen, Germany was a mammoth event for us. Not only did we successfully launch our Verified Supplier Program, we also engaged with key stakeholders in the

Satsearch launches new Verified Supplier Program at the International Astronautical Congress 2018

We are very excited to announce a new initiative designed to help spacetech suppliers demonstrate their capacity, products and commitment in the global marketplace through our Verified

Building better product search

Following on from my introduction to our tech stack last week, I wanted to share some insights into the work going on behind-the-scenes to improve the core part of our platform

Prototyping a new idea: the story of our tech stack

Before we get started taking a look at the tech stack that we’ve built for satsearch, let me introduce myself. My name is Alberto Vaccarella, and I’m the tech lead at satsearch. I’ve got a PhD in

A Design Engineering Assistant for space mission design

The idea of a Design Engineering Assistant that can support complex space mission design has been contemplated by researchers for a number of years. With the advent of advanced

Reinventing the buying process for the space industry

Sick of waiting for days to get a response from a supplier? Struggling to figure out how to compare suppliers? The buying process in the space industry is broken and

CNES signs agreement with satsearch to support future space systems engineering

I am thrilled to announce that the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES), also known as the French Space Agency, has signed an agreement with satsearch to digitalize space engineering at

Artificial Intelligence for space applications

There is wide consensus across the space community that development & consolidation of advanced automated techniques for data processing, regarded as an “enabling factor” for

Satsearch joins the ESA BIC family

Satsearch is now officially part of the ESA BIC family! After a nervous period waiting for the results of the evaluation by the Tender Evaluation Board, we have been