An alternative approach to building space software infrastructure – with Bright Ascension

A discussion about software development in the space industry covering bottlenecks, risk mitigation, and opportunities, with Bright Ascension.

How to improve satellite health monitoring – with Texas Instruments

Satellite health monitoring is vital for ensuring mission success. This article, with Texas Instruments, delves deep into this topic at an electronics level.

Solar Array Drive Assemblies (SADAs) on the global market

View Solar Array Drive Assemblies (SADAs) – used for positioning solar panels on a satellite – available on the global space marketplace.

Optimizing data acquisition systems in space applications – with Texas Instruments (TI)

A podcast on how to build and optimize an effective data acquisition for space applications, at the electrical circuit level, with satsearch member Texas Instruments.

Building space-based digital products incorporating AI – with Cloudflight

A podcast on the applications and processes involved with building space-related digital products that incorporate AI, with Cloudflight.

The state of Space Situational Awareness – with Vyoma

A discussion with Stefan Frey, Co-founder of satsearch member Vyoma, on the background, technologies, motivations for, and current state of the space situational awareness sector.

3D printing in space – with Anisoprint

A discussion about the current state-of-the-art of additive manufacturing in orbit and the future potential of the field, with Anisoprint.

Spotlight: the importance of black coated foils for space systems – with Acktar

An overview of black coated space grade foils, covering development, missions, and applications, with Acktar Ltd (ACM Coatings GmbH).

Spotlight: a guide to Command and Data Handling (CDH) systems for space missions – with Alén Space

A guide to the most important functions of a Command and Data Handling (CDH) system, explaining how they are critical to the mission operations and data output. Developed with satsearch member Alén Space.

Building ground station antennas and feeds for today’s space missions – with EOSOL Group

A discussion about the development of ground segment antennas and feeds, and their uses in modern space missions and services.

Case studies on propulsion

Footage and notes from a recent satsearch webinar on real examples of thrusters being tested and used on-board small satellites.

Spotlight: a complete guide to building space mission operations, part two – with Epsilon3

Mission operations (MissionOps) are the cornerstone of a successful mission. Find out how to create them in part 2 of our comprehensive guide with Epsilon3.

Spotlight: a complete guide to building space mission operations, part one – with Epsilon3

Building effective mission operations is the cornerstone of success in space. Find out more about why this is such an important stage of a mission and what to look out for in the process.

Enhancing phased array antenna performance by optimizing beamforming – with Texas Instruments

A discussion about optimizing beamforming, with gigahertz-clocking tree solutions, in order to enhance the performance of phased array antennas in satcom applications.

The benefits of in-orbit agility for satellites

Footage of a live demo by VEOWARE SPACE on the capabilities that greater agility can bring to space missions.

A guide to mission control for small satellites

Footage of a live demo of how to improve mission control processes, procedures, and resources, with KP Labs.

Insights into space procurement – with Space Kidz India

A discussion about how suppliers and buyers can better navigate the fragmented and evolving global space ecosystem – with Space Kidz India.

Software Defined Radios (SDRs) for space and satellite applications

Software Defined Radios (SDRs) can improve satellite communications and related processes. View an overview of models on the market here.

Deployable antennas: the skills needed to go from design to space – with Oxford Space Systems

A discussion with Oxford Space Systems team on how deployable antennas are designed, manufactured, and delivered for satellites.

Spotlight: accelerating space data processing to improve sustainability – with Cloudflight

An overview of the benefits that advanced space data processing capabilities can bring to a variety of missions and services.