Why you need a free company profile on satsearch


The space industry today is more competitive than ever.

Budgets are closely watched, new suppliers are emerging across the world, and innovations are challenging manufacturers to bring higher performance to market.

But at the same time, the rewards on offer are increasing. The demand for satellite data and connectivity is growing around the world, while major projects are sparking new interest in exploration missions across the solar system.

To chase after these substantial rewards, and stay ahead of your growing competition, you need a dedicated online channel to communicate your capabilities directly to space engineers – to the real builders and innovators developing new missions and services.

We can help you do just that.

You are invited to claim your free company profile on the global marketplace for space at satsearch.com today.

You will join thousands of other suppliers (probably including many of your competitors) from across the industry and gain excellent exposure to the global market.

Your free profile on the satsearch platform will give our growing community of serious space engineers a clear view of your products, solutions, and services, or anything else you want to offer on a commercial basis.

We have more than 25,000 space engineers using the platform every month, from 120+ countries around the world.

These include systems engineers, mission designers, and executives from most national space agencies, defense primes, research institutions, and businesses of all sizes, such as:

Your free portfolio will also automatically display on the publicly-available NASA Small Spacecraft Systems Virtual Institute (S3VI) search tools on nasa.gov, giving enhanced exposure to the US public and private market.

It would be great to have you sign up and the process is very simple. Have a look at this page to see how it works – there are step by step instructions to follow and links to the forms you’ll need.

We’d love to welcome you on the platform – satsearch is the ideal channel to promote your company online in the space industry.

If you have any questions at any time please let us know!

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