Investing in the space industry in 2024 – with Fortuna Investments


In episode 56 of the Space Industry podcast by satsearch, our host Hywel Curtis spoke with Justus Parmar, CEO of Fortuna Investments, about investing in the space industry in 2024 and beyond.

Episode show notes

Fortuna Investments is a US-based private investment company operating in various high growth sectors including, space. Int he podcast we discussed various aspects of investing in space companies in today’s economy and business climate, including:

  • The macroeconomic trends currently affecting the space industry
  • The factors that space suppliers need to consider in order to navigate challenging market conditions
  • Building the case for space to investors and stakeholders outside of the industry
  • Fortuna Investments’ work and plans in the sector

You can find out more about Fortuna Investments here on their website.

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