Supplier snapshot: Remos Space Systems in 2024


Remos Space Systems is a Swedish company specializing in software defined radio (SDR) solutions for space applications.

In this article we discuss their growth over the last 12 months, look ahead to the company’s plans and ambitions in 2024, and share further information about their portfolio.


Remos Space Systems’ growth in 2023

Global business development – in 2023 Remos Space Systems delivered products to valued customers all over the world, from Mexico to South Korea. This included becoming the primary supplier for transceivers and ground operations software solutions for Astralintu Space Technologies.

New financing and support – last year the company also closed its pre-seed round, enabling Remos to strategically expand the team and accelerate innovation. Remos also graduated from the ESA-BIC program and was accepted into the Techstar Pre-accelerator in Saudi Arabia and the Cassini accelerator.

Commercial success – with a growing customer base, Remos overshot 2023 sales projections. A few other notable contract wins were Contec in Korea and DLR in Germany, Mexico, and in Sweden.

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Remos Space Systems’ ambitions for 2024

This year Remos’ major plans include:

  • Releasing their software modems on AWS and in a cloud environment using the DIFI standard.
  • Releasing a CCSDS-compliant modem with data rate up to 50 MSps.
  • Delivering larger aperture, high-end antenna systems together with the modems.

The company also plans to raise a seed round to further accelerate growth and innovation.

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Insights from the supply chain

The use of software-defined radio technology and new ground segment systems is growing in the industry, bringing new capabilities to mission designers.

But it is important that mission operators are familiar with the technologies that can be utilized in order to get the most value from them.

To achieve this, Remos Space Systems recommends that engineers think about the ground segment from the beginning of the mission.

If you purchase a ground station solution, and learn how to use it with open satellites, you will have much easier time operating your system when its launched.

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Remos Space Systems’ portfolio

This section includes a variety of Remos Space Systems’ products available on the global market today. Click on the links to open pages with more detail on each system.

You can then make requests for quotes, documents, or further information, and we’ll handle these for you (find out more about how this simple process works on this page). You can also submit an open tender here and our expert procurement team will get back to you ASAP.

The Remos Hasten S-Band transceiver is a feature-rich software-defined transceiver compatible with CCSDS standards in S-band. It features an easy-to-use GUI for scheduling passes, configuring the transceiver, and sending/receiving telecommand/telemetry.

The Remos Expedite UHF/VHF/S-band Turnkey Ground Station is a UHF/VHF ground station integrated with the Remos Expedite transceiver. The system is equipped with high-gain, cross-polarized antennas and amplifiers, and offers full duplex capability. It is plug-and-play, with pass scheduling and tracking as standard.

The Remos Expedite VHF/UHF/S-Band transceiver is a transceiver for packet-based ground operations for low-rate satellites in VHF/UHF/S-band. It features an easy-to-use GUI for scheduling passes, configuring the transceiver, and sending/receiving telecommand/telemetry.

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