Spotlight: Epsilon3 launches the space industry’s first test management software


This article provides insights into Epsilon3’s Test software tool and its applications in the space industry.

Epsilon3 developed a Test software tool to design test cases with reusable test plans and run sequences, as well as to effortlessly record test results across different versions, requirements, and conditions. The article further provides a detailed outlook on the tool and its importance for the space industry.

The article was developed in collaboration with Epsilon3, a paying participant in the satsearch membership program.


The NewSpace industry and its rapidly evolving demand have increased the need for software applications in the space industry. As space missions become more ambitious and technologically advanced, the demand for strong quality assurance (QA), compliance, and testing technologies has increased. Therefore, to overcome such challenges and help companies meet the rising industry demand, Epsilon3 has launched Test, a software platform to build and manage test plans with custom requirements and conditions for space missions. In the next parts of the article, we will look at how Epsilon3 is transforming hardware and flight testing in the space industry, assuring the dependability and success of space missions through improved QA and compliance capabilities.

Understanding testing challenges in the space industry and how Epsilon3 can help solve these challenges

Before getting into the intricacies of Epsilon3’s new software platform, it’s important to understand the particular issues that the space sector faces in terms of quality assurance, compliance, and testing. Space missions include cutting-edge technology and complicated systems that must be rigorously tested to assure their dependability and safety. Traditional testing procedures, while useful, frequently fall short of keeping up with the fast advances in space technology. The demand for a more efficient and comprehensive testing solution has never been higher.

Epsilon3’s test platform is specifically designed to address the NewSpace industry’s testing requirements, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and features to streamline QA, ensure compliance, and enhance testing processes. To understand these processes, let’s take a brief look at each of test’s components:

  1. Quality Assurance (QA): Epsilon3’s software platform includes innovative algorithms that enable intelligent quality assurance. Traditional QA methods frequently include manual testing, which may be time-consuming and prone to human error. The platform’s technology automates common testing processes, resulting in more efficient and accurate identification of possible faults. It helps teams run test cases and collects outcomes as conditions and variables change. The software also ensures traceability and repeatability as customers test operations scale. It also outlines, executes, and evaluates any complex test sequence, especially when customers are working towards an important certification.
  1. Compliance and certification management: The compliance management module automates paperwork, audit trails, and reporting, streamlining the often-complicated regulatory adherence process. Improved test traceability ensures spacecraft and launch vehicles meet regulatory and quality standards. By offering a real-time picture of compliance status, the platform enables space industry experts to make educated decisions and reduce any risks in advance. It also helps minimize the risk of mission failure due to regulatory non-compliance.
  1. Test management: The platform provides a single environment for designing, running, and evaluating tests, resulting in a streamlined testing process. The testing module works with simulation environments, enabling realistic testing situations without the need for costly physical prototypes. Aerospace companies are also using Epsilon3 for Flight Testing. Furthermore, their Risk Assessment Matrix solution reduces the need for manual data entry; thus accelerating the data analysis and validation process. This not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of human errors. Real-time analytics and reporting give stakeholders vital insights into space systems’ performance and dependability, allowing them to make swift and informed decisions.

The video below showcases a detailed outlook on the Test management software:

Video credits: Epsilon3

Key features of the test tool

  • Scalable and effective test case, test run, and result management software
  • Design your test cases with reusable test plans and run sequences 
  • Effortlessly record test results across different versions, requirements, and conditions
  • Visualize all test data in real time to discover areas of opportunity and risk
  • Identify the gaps in test plans and whenever there is a need for additional test cases to achieve full coverage
  • Store and centralize automated test reporting for efficient analysis and visibility across teams
  • Compare results across multiple test runs, sequences, and configurations
  • Build a risk assessment matrix to provide a high-level view of the different permutations and combinations of parameters used in each test case
  • Build and collaborate on agile or waterfall test cycles within test runs, plans and sequences
  • Provide the testing, safety, and QA documentation required for licensing and certification
  • Plan and execute task-based flight test plans including Flight Test Card procedures
  • Prepare for FAA or Commercial Space Transportation testing and documentation requirements to obtain an Airworthiness Certificate or Launch & Reentry License
  • Retain detailed historical data and traceability reports to maintain compliance and ensure it never fails another audit


Epsilon3’s new software platform, test, which focuses on QA, compliance, and testing, is an important tool for modern space missions and NewSpace companies. The company is well-positioned to shape the future of the space sector by tackling the domain’s specific difficulties and offering a comprehensive solution. As technology advances, the incorporation of new solutions such as test management tools will be critical in guaranteeing the success and safety of future space missions, which will push the frontiers of human knowledge and exploration.

To find out more about Epsilon3, please view their supplier hub here on the satsearch platform.

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