Spotlight: advancing satellite software development with Hastlayer – of satsearch member Lombiq Technologies

An introduction to Lombiq Technologies’ Hastlayer, a satellite software development tool built on the popular and accessible .NET framework.

The emergence of electrothermal water-based propulsion for CubeSats – with SteamJet Space Systems

A discussion about the performance, applications, and trade-offs electrothermal water-based propulsion technologies for CubeSats and smallsats.

Creating deployable antennas for CubeSat missions – with Oxford Space Systems

A discussion about the opportunities that deployable systems can bring to new missions and services, and the challenges that their development and testing bring.

How to choose the right smallsat ADCS

This article shares a webinar with industry experts on choosing the right ADCS for a small satellite mission, held by satsearch in September 2021.

The evolution of testing and qualification for deployables in the NewSpace industry – with DCUBED

Find out more about the testing and qualification processes employed in the NewSpace industry for deployable sub-systems and components.

Solving integration and operational challenges for shared and dedicated satellite missions – with EnduroSat

A podcast with Viktor Danchev, CTO of EnduroSat, about interface planning, testing, integration, and other challenges faced during satellite missions.

Ground Segment as a Service (GSaaS); streamlining procurement across multiple missions – with Leaf Space

A podcast with Leaf Space on how an effective ground segment service can help satellite operators achieve efficiencies in procurement, development, and operation of multiple missions.

Creating a hardware and software ecosystem to bring AI-powered algorithms for autonomy into space missions – with KP Labs

A discussion about how autonomous processes, based on artificial intelligence, can be utilized in space applications.

Implementing onboard AI processing capabilities for Earth Observation (EO) missions – with Unibap and Simera Sense

A podcast on how advanced data processing algorithms and tools can add value to Earth Observation missions and services.

Leveraging ‘Old Space’ experience to drive NewSpace progress – aka knowing when not to reinvent the wheel – with NewSpace Systems

A podcast discussing how companies can build on their heritage of space missions in years and decades past to meet the changing needs of the modern market.

Modeling and simulation development for space system design, integration, and testing – with Redwire Space

A podcast discussing how to perform effective simulations for space missions, and the benefits that they bring to teams.

Spotlight: Acktar – coatings for space systems

Discover the importance of effective coatings for opto-mechanical systems and components, in order to reduce light interference and improve performance.

Spotlight: 3D printing for space missions

Additive manufacturing is finding increasing adoption in space missions and services. This article discusses 3D printing for space technologies.

The factors driving commercial demand for Earth Observation (EO) payloads – with Simera Sense

A podcast episode with Thys Cronje from Simera Sense on the drivers of optical payload applications and innovation around the world.

Extending CubeSat LEO platforms to GEO missions – with Space Inventor

A podcast with Jacob Nissen, Chief Sales Officer, at Space Inventor, about the commercial and technical challenges of adapting Low Earth Orbit (LEO) technologies for Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO) applications.

Satellite batteries – for CubeSats, nanosats, and other form factors

An overview of satellite batteries and a comprehensive list of batteries for CubeSats, nanosats, and other form factors on the global market.

A guide to adopting thrusters on small satellite missions

Discover in-depth perspectives and technical information on the use of in-space propulsion systems for smallsats.

Integrating space and ground data handling ecosystems – with Alén Space

A podcast about combining the data handling systems used on-board a satellite with those on the ground, with satsearch member Alén Space.

Advancing the use of FPGA-based OBCs in space – with Xiphos

FPGA-based on-board computers (OBCs) and Systems on Chips (SoCs) are bringing new capabilities to satellites and missions. Find out more about how they work in this podcast.

Payload processors for satellites

An overview of payload processor systems and products from suppliers around the world.