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The future for optical laser communications systems for satellites – with Hyperion Technologies

In episode 7 of the Space Industry podcast we discuss optical laser communications systems for satellites with Hyperion Technologies.

Satellite antennas built with additive manufacturing – with ANYWAVES

Episode 6 of the Space Industry podcast is a discussion about how satellite antenna technology is changing to meet the needs of the modern space industry.

Commercial flexibility in NewSpace – with NPC Spacemind

A podcast about progress in the development and production of components and sub-systems for the NewSpace sector, with NPC Spacemind.

Achieving hardware acceleration onboard satellites – with Lombiq Technologies

A discussion of the benefits and opportunities that .Net development could bring to the space industry, and the challenges of accelerating its adoption – with satsearch member Lombiq Technologies.

Improving NewSpace services by building a better ground segment – with Leaf Space

A discussion of the benefits that flexible and efficient ground station services bring to NewSpace missions and service providers – with Leaf Space.

Creating reaction wheels for small satellites – with WITTENSTEIN cyber motor

Discover more about the challenges of creating minimized attitude control for small satellites.

FEEP propulsion and thrust vectoring – with ENPULSION

Find out more about the work of Austrian thruster manufacturer and satsearch member ENPULSION in this podcast on the Space Industry.

Cybersecurity for smallsats – 5 key concepts explained

Cybersecurity for smallsats is increasingly important as the number of systems and applications grows. Find out 5 of the core concepts here.

Smallsat and CubeSat GPS antennas and GNSS systems

Small satellite, nanosat or CubeSat GPS antennas and GNSS systems – an overview of products available on the global marketplace.

Spotlight: ground station site discovery and management

Find out the most important criteria that go in to selecting the best ground station site for a mission or service in this spotlight article.

Spotlight: NewSpace in Latin America, leading by example

NewSpace in Latin America is growing rapidly. Find out more about some of the companies and organizations leading the way.

A closer look at the Indian space industry

Find out more about the space industry in India with the results of a new trade study into the commercial and ISRO supply chain.

Spotlight: how to choose a satellite on-board computer (OBC)

Discover 11 key criteria that will show you how to choose a satellite on-board computer for your particular mission or service.

Satellite UHF and VHF transceivers and transmitters

Satellite UHF and VHF communications transceivers and transmitters currently available on the global marketplace for space.

Spotlight: MinoSpace – a Chinese private satellite system manufacturer scaling to meet demand

An introduction to satsearch member company MinoSpace – a Chinese satellite developer currently scaling production and operations.

Spotlight: Tensor Tech – pioneering spherical motor technology

Taiwan-based Tensor Tech are bringing innovative spherical motor reaction sphere technology for small satellites to the space industry.

Spotlight: company profile of NanoAvionics, a multinational nanosatellite mission integrator

Find out more about NanoAvionics’ history, expertise, and the company’s portfolio of nanosatellite platforms, sub-systems, and mission services on satsearch.

PocketQube satellites and sub-systems on the global marketplace

Find out more about commercially-available PocketQube technologies and applications in this short overview of the market.

An overview of satellite-based Automatic Identification System (AIS) Receivers on the global market

Find out more about space-based maritime vessel detection and view products available on the global marketplace.

Core space industry procurement concepts

Find out more about how commercial companies communicate to and engage with potential buyers from the private, public, education and third sectors.