Magnetorquers: an overview of magnetic torquer products available on the global marketplace for space

Magnetorquers provide low power attitude control for small satellites. Find out more about the products available on the global marketplace.

The 2019 Small Satellite Conference – event roundup

Last week we attended the 33rd Annual Conference on Small Satellites in Utah, USA

Demystifying auto-industry inspired assembly lines in the space industry

Discover how mass manufacturing in the space industry is learning from automotive assembly lines

Reaction wheels: an overview of attitude control systems available on the global marketplace for space

Find out more about reaction wheels and discover what products are available on the global marketplace

Event roundups of the Space System Ontology – Brainstorming Workshop and the Space Engineering and Technology Final Presentation Days (SET-FPDs)

It has been a busy few weeks in the space industry with some really interesting events in different areas of the field. In this post we give a brief overview of

CubeSat thrusters and small satellite propulsion systems

Selecting the right thruster for a CubeSat can be a tricky challenge. In this post we take a look at some of the products

Paris Air Show – event roundup

Last week we attended Paris Air Show – find out more about the event here

Let’s talk about Earth Observation

Earth Observation is a major part of the space industry. In this article we take a look at the

The 4th ESA CubeSat Industry Days – event roundup

There were lots of great presentations during the 4th ESA CubeSat Industry Days: here we highlight the ones that stood out to us.

Spotlight: Space Structures – high performance composite structures for space

Find out more about satsearch Member Space Structures – manufacturer of high-quality composite space structures and equipment for space.

Satsearch and Kerala Startup Mission Announce Exciting New Partnership to Promote NewSpace Startups in India

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Kerala Startup Mission to help advance the NewSpace sector in

Spotlight: T4i – Technology for Propulsion and Innovation

Find out more about satsearch Member T4i – manufacturer of innovative propulsion systems for small satellites and microlaunchers

Satsearch hits the 1,000 supplier mark!

We are very pleased to announce that the satsearch platform recently hit a major milestone in featuring over 1,000 space suppliers

New report on Europe-India space cooperation

Discover an extensive new report discussing collaboration between Europe and India in the space sector

8 types of product that could one day be made in space

Find out about a range of different products and materials that could be manufactured in space

Managing trust and expectations in space ecosystems

Space ecosystems take a long time to develop and it is difficult to maintain the interest and expectations of prospective clients and investors over time

Content marketing in the space industry: channel strategies

Content marketing in the space industry requires a clear and consistent strategy for using the various different channels available

Unlock new customers in the space industry with the Satsearch Membership Program

Helping space companies expand their customer base, access new geographic and vertical markets, and position for future growth through the Satsearch Membership Program (SMP)

Let’s talk about space debris

Space debris is a growing problem as new missions, technology and satellites are increasingly leaving behind material orbiting our planet

Spotlight: Morpheus Space – Developing Ground-Breaking Electric Propulsion for Small Satellites

Find out more about satsearch Member Morpheus Space – manufacturer of revolutionary electric propulsion solutions for CubeSats