Planetary science, lunar exploration, and space in India – with Jatan Mehta


Episode 60 of the Space Industry podcast is a conversation with Jatan Mehta from Jatan’s Space.

Jatan is a writer, speaker, and consultant covering various aspects of the space industry, and authors the Moon Monday and Indian Space Progress newsletters.

Episode show notes

In this episode our host Hywel Curtis discussed various topics with Jatan relating to planetary science, lunar missions and the space ecosystem in India. In particular the podcast covers:

  • The most important planetary science missions and programs over the last few years
  • The technical aspects at play in the development of the lunar mission ecosystem
  • The areas of the industry that India is focussing on
  • Jatan’s own work creating independent content on different aspects of the space industry

You can find out more about Jatan’s work at the links below:

earth observation
lunar missions
planetary science
space industry

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