Building a safer orbital environment – with the Space Sustainability Rating


In episode 57 of the Space Industry podcast by satsearch, our host Hywel Curtis spoke with Adrien Saada, Operations Officer of the Space Sustainability Rating (SSR), based in Switzerland, about space debris and how we can ensure a safer orbital operating environment for the future.

Episode show notes

In the episode we discuss the progress that has been made in the industry to make space a safer and more sustainable operating environment – as well as all of the work still to do. In particular we cover:

  • The current state of play with regards to space debris mitigation
  • Thoughts on active debris removal
  • How the Space Sustainability Rating (SSR) works and how it was developed
  • Expectations on the evolution of debris mitigation and prevention initiatives in the future

You can find out more about the Space Sustainability Rating (SSR) here on the organization’s website.

Interested in finding out more about the rating? Feel free to contact the SSR team at [email protected]

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