Spotlight: T4i – Technology for Propulsion and Innovation

Find out more about satsearch Member T4i – manufacturer of innovative propulsion systems for small satellites and microlaunchers

Satsearch hits the 1,000 supplier mark!

We are very pleased to announce that the satsearch platform recently hit a major milestone in featuring over 1,000 space suppliers

New report on Europe-India space cooperation

Discover an extensive new report discussing collaboration between Europe and India in the space sector

8 types of product that could one day be made in space

Find out about a range of different products and materials that could be manufactured in space

Managing trust and expectations in space ecosystems

Space ecosystems take a long time to develop and it is difficult to maintain the interest and expectations of prospective clients and investors over time

Content marketing in the space industry: channel strategies

Content marketing in the space industry requires a clear and consistent strategy for using the various different channels available

Unlock new customers in the space industry with the Satsearch Membership Program

Helping space companies expand their customer base, access new geographic and vertical markets, and position for future growth through the Satsearch Membership Program (SMP)

Let’s talk about space debris

Space debris is a growing problem as new missions, technology and satellites are increasingly leaving behind material orbiting our planet

Spotlight: Morpheus Space – Developing Ground-Breaking Electric Propulsion for Small Satellites

Find out more about satsearch Member Morpheus Space – manufacturer of revolutionary electric propulsion solutions for CubeSats

The private space industry: how personal relationships are building a sector of galactic proportions

Although the private space industry involves some of the most innovative technology on (and, of course, off) the planet, personal relationships are still

Let’s talk about NewSpace

NewSpace is an increasingly common term in the space sector – but what exactly is it? Find out in this post

A review of 2019 predictions for the space industry

Discover what a range of industry experts predict could happen in the space industry throughout 2019, featuring new launches, missions, technology, and companies.

Building bridges to bring the global supply chain to life for space mission design

Knowledge provided by suppliers is integral to the space mission design process. The information shared by suppliers on systems, subsystems, components and their space heritage is utilized by engineers for concept generation & design.

Introducing the satsearch mission archive

Over the last month, we’ve been working feverishly to expand and update the satsearch website. I’m excited to announce that we’re releasing a host of new features this week, including a completely new data set.

Let’s talk about CubeSats

NASA defines a “satellite” as “a moon, planet or machine that orbits a planet or star.” Hence, Earth can be considered a satellite, since it travels in an orbit around the Sun. Our Moon is also a satellite, since it orbits around the Earth.

Space BD signs agreement with satsearch to promote India-Japan cooperation for space

Space is truly a global industry, with many new space-faring nations joining the ranks of the established players over the last decade. Japan and India are both thriving space economonies with significant heritage and ambitious plans.

Satsearch launches new Verified Supplier Program at the International Astronautical Congress 2018

We are very excited to announce a new initiative designed to help spacetech suppliers demonstrate their capacity, products and commitment in the global marketplace.

Building better product search

Following on from my introduction to our tech stack last week, I wanted to share some insights into the work going on behind-the-scenes to improve the core part of our platform

Prototyping a new idea: the story of our tech stack

Before we get started taking a look at the tech stack that we’ve built for satsearch, let me introduce myself. My name is Alberto Vaccarella, and I’m the tech lead at satsearch. I’ve got a PhD in

A Design Engineering Assistant for space mission design

The idea of a Design Engineering Assistant that can support complex space mission design has been contemplated by researchers for a number of years. With the advent of advanced