An overview of satellite manufacturers building picosats, cubesats, and microsats


The cubesat and small satellite revolution has changed the entire landscape of spacecraft manufacturing over the last decade by reducing the barriers to access space.

There are over 75 satellite manufacturers globally, battling it out in the market to work with teams putting payloads into orbit. Here is a brief overview of satellite manufacturers that are operating in the space industry to deliver spacecraft that range from a few hundred grams to 150 kg.

small satellite manufacturers

Service providers such as Planet, Spire, etc., who also build their spacecraft have not been included intentionally in this list, since they do not sell their satellites commercially.

For any given component, subsystem or entire spacecraft, there are a plethora of suppliers across the world that can be considered in the procurement process. Need some help navigating through all the options? Let us help you if you need to identify suppliers for space products and services. We’ve helped countless teams save time and pinpoint the right solutions for their space missions.

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