Space technology on satsearch

space technology on satsearch

In 2019 we have published a number of product roundup articles discussing different categories of space technology currently in demand in the global marketplace.

To help our users find the product information for their needs faster, we’ve put together this short post linking to all of the product category roundups with a simple description of each:

Optical communications

The emerging market segment of optical/laser communications systems for both space-space and space-ground data transfer holds great promise for future missions.

Star trackers

Cutting-edge satellites use star trackers to scan the starscape and determine the satellite’s attitude while in-orbit.

Satellite GPS receivers

GPS receivers for satellites provide a vital communications link to help contribute to a wide range of Earth-focussed missions.

Ground station networks

Service providers around the world are providing satellite operators with access to both dedicated and shared ground station networks to enhance communication and data exchange.


Magnetic torquers provide in-built attitude control, allowing a smallsat to maintain orientation with respect to an inertial frame.

Reaction wheels

Also known as momentum wheels, reaction wheels store rotational energy to deliver three-axis attitude control, without external sources of torque, so that satellites can re-position while in orbit.

CubeSat thrusters

In-space propulsion systems that enable dynamic control of CubeSats and smallsats in orbit – for complex manoeuvres, collision avoidance, constellation positioning and other applications.

CubeSat and smallsat launch providers

Every year more and more launch options are becoming available to teams looking to deploy a satellite in orbit. This article breaks down the different formulations of service available and details the major providers active in the marketplace.

X-band transmitters

Vital satellite radio equipment designed to enable satellites and spacecraft to downlink as much data as possible with as little power, mass, and volume taken up by the transmission equipment.

On-board computers (OBCs)

On-board avionics computer processing units that coordinate a wide variety of data and system functions.

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