Partnering for faster and more assured mission success – with GomSpace


Episode 53 of the Space Industry podcast is a conversation with Frank Tobin of nanosatellite manufacturer GomSpace North America about the pros and cons of working with external partners in space missions today.

Episode show notes

The ‘build vs. buy’ question is faced by engineers at all levels of satellite and spacecraft development. And it isn’t always simple to answer – there are more options on the market than ever, along with greater pressure to deliver high performance.

In this podcast we discuss how to go about making that choice in a few key areas of space mission development. We cover:

  • How partnering can speed up the deployment of a constellation
  • The effects on raising finance that agreements (whether binding or principle) with external providers can have
  • The pros and cons of partnerships in key areas such as the ground segment and software-defined radio (SDR) use
  • How the market could continue to mature and develop in years to come

You can find out more about GomSpace here on the company’s satsearch supplier portfolio – and if you have any questions for the company, please let us know.

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