Decision making and agility in space mission development – with Epsilon3


Episode 52 is a conversation with Laura Crabtree, Co-founder & CEO of Epsilon3, about utilizing work package solutions for engineers and other teams to streamline the processes for space mission development.


Episode show notes

Epsilon3 is a US-based software solutions company providing services in the space as well as other commercial industries. Epsilon3 modernizes space missions by building the industry standard of operational software. It’s software platform manages complex operational procedures, saving operators time and reducing errors. The platform supports a majority of a project’s life cycle from integration and testing through live operations.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How communication between the engineering team and other decision-makers is crucial to ensure the success of the end-to-end space mission development process
  • Set up your organization to make decisions
  • Empower people to make a decision, even if it’s the wrong one
  • Be ok with mistakes, and learn from them

Epsilon3’s product portfolio

The Epsilon3 OS for Space Operations is a web-based, electronic procedures solution for operators who need to create, process, and track complex procedures. It is designed to streamline communication and help operators to reduce errors through intelligent error checking and automation. It also enables users to increase performance over time with detailed metrics and reports.

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