Space grade connectors from manufacturers around the world


Effective space grade connectors provide vital interconnect capabilities for satellites, launch vehicles, and other space systems.

As with all space-rated electronic components, connectors are required to withstand far harsher environmental conditions than terrestrial hardware.

They also play a vital role in multiple systems on-board, ensure power and data are securely and consistently transferred in an efficient manner.

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How to select space grade connectors for your mission

Here are some of the factors that engineers need to take into account when selecting the best space grade connector for a new mission:

Mission timeline – some connectors are designed to only perform effectively for short periods – those on launch vehicles for example. However, many space missions can last years, with no chance of repair or replacements, so interconnecting systems for these applications must be highly robust and durable.

Environmental performance – as mentioned, the harsh conditions of launch, orbital insertion, and operation in space require robust hardware capable of performing effectively. The main risks of the space environment to electronic components are; radiation effects, electrostatic discharge (ESD), magnetic interferences, extreme temperatures (often ranging from -270°C to 250°C), and material outgassing. Ensure you select proven products from reputable suppliers capable of mitigating these issues.

Interconnect input-output – ensure that you’re selecting the right connection system for your hardware today, but also understand what you will need to do if one or more subsystems are changed in design iterations.

Supply chain stability – space grade connectors are often commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products, but that does not mean they are immune to supply disruptions. Have a frank conversation with potential suppliers about the stability of their product manufacturing and portfolio before committing to long-term/large-scale orders.

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