Atmospheric re-entry: facilitating the launch and return of materials in space – with Space Forge and Southern Launch


Episode 51 of the Space Industry podcast is a discussion with Joshua Western, CEO of Space Forge, and Lloyd Damp, CEO of Southern Launch, on the launch, manufacture, and safe return of goods to orbit.

Episode show notes

Space Forge is a UK-based company aiming to develop reusable on-orbit fabrication capabilities in order to carry out in-space manufacturing procedures, offer microgravity as a service, and return materials to Earth. Southern Launch owns and operates the only rocket launch ranges in Australia approved by the Australian Space Agency for space launches.

In the podcast we discuss:

  • How Space Forge aims to reliably and cost-effectively bring materials and equipment back to Earth from space
  • What will differentiate Space Forge from private space station use and other in-space manufacturing concepts
  • The regulatory aspects of operating launch and return facilities for space missions
  • How the two companies are partnering to develop a commercial service for the future
  • What sort of applications and business opportunities could be viable in-space manufacturing targets

You can find out more about Space Forge and Southern Launch here on the company websites.

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