Automating satellite operations to enable responsive and efficient space missions


MiRAGE is an advanced onboard software for satellite automation, developed to limit inefficiencies of the common human-centric approach to satellite operations (such as latency, limited communication windows, and long reaction times to events).

MiRAGE augments a satellite’s ability to detect and react to unexpected events. It proactively sets mission goals and plans the mission schedule. MiRAGE allows the satellite to become entirely independent from ground control.

The software is agnostic to the platform and the mission scenario, so that it can cover several space-based services, including scientific research, remote sensing, and telecommunications.

Examples of MiRAGE use-cases in Earth Observation missions include cloud detection, which includes optimization of acquisition schedule and downlink, and onboard focusing for SAR payloads to enable intelligent monitoring through feature recognition.

AIKO is an Italy-based company specialized in artificial intelligence and automation software for space operations. In this satsearch event, Paolo Madonia, Product Manager at AIKO, presents MiRAGE’s main features and discuss requirements compatibility and benefits.

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