Understanding hosted payload missions – with SatRevolution


Episode 12 of the Space Industry podcast is a discussion with SatRevolution about how space hardware and software manufacturers test and prove their technologies in orbit.

In this episode we speak with Damian Jamroz, COO at SatRevolution about hosted payload missions. SatRevolution is a Polish NewSpace company that provides nanosatellite bus platforms, sub-systems, and services (including hosted payload missions), and is a satsearch member. We discuss:

  • How hosted payload missions work and what technology manufacturers need to consider in planning.
  • The sorts of technologies and applications that are benefitting from the hosted payload opportunities on the market today.
  • How to coordinate the integration and testing of the payload into the satellite when both systems are provided by different parties.
  • Securely accessing and managing the data collected during the mission.
  • Where the hosted payload market is heading and what changes this could bring to the wider industry.

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