Artificial Intelligence (AI) and edge computing in space – with Unibap


Episode 11 of the Space Industry podcast is a discussion with Unibap about some of the latest advances in edge computing, machine learning, and other AI technologies on-board satellites.

In this episode we speak with Fredrik Bruhn from Unibap AB. Unibap is a Sweden-based computer system technology developer creating AI and computing technologies to support advanced automation systems for industries on Earth and in space. We discuss:

  • How AI and machine learning can be integrated and used in space applications.
  • The benefits that such advances can bring to Earth Observation (EO) missions and services, in order to develop actionable information that drives autonomous operations and other systems.
  • How existing computing concepts have driven advances in satellite systems.
  • The development of a complementary ground segment ecosystem that is supporting emerging capabilities in orbit.
  • How more advanced systems in satellites will enable the better use of ground-based computing resources.

About Unibap’s products

SpaceCloud provides a software framework for information storage and processing, utilizing flexible and reusable compute nodes in a distributed network in space as well as on ground.

The Unibap iX5100 is a SpaceCloud® computer solution featuring an embedded, x86-compatible, and AMD® G-series SOC product from the 1st, 2nd, & LX families. The SOC is paired with a powerful Microsemi® SmartFusion2™ FPGA, which provides IO extension and board supervisory management.

The Optimized Development Unit (ODE) for iX5100 computer solutions is a mini-ITX compatible, rapid engineering platform for the e2000 and e2100 reliable, heterogeneous compute products. The ODE provides flexible software development based on the SpaceCloud software framework.

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