Agile manufacturing in the NewSpace sector – with NanoAvionics


Episode 9 of the Space Industry podcast is a discussion with NanoAvionics about the engineering and production challenges that space companies face when scaling up supply.

In this episode we speak with Vytenis Buzas, CEO and Co-Founder of NanoAvionics about agile manufacturing of space technologies.

NanoAvionics is a nanosatellite mission integrator, with facilities in North America and Europe, that delivers satellite buses and propulsion systems for the satellite applications market, and is also a satsearch member. We discuss:

  • How to develop a one-off product into a modular system while maintaining performance
  • Achieving the best balance of automated production processes and human engineering
  • How to plan for the scaling up of hardware development before it is required
  • Working with other aspects of the space domain (including ground, launch, and testing) in an agile manner
  • What can be learned from other industry sectors to help accelerate development in space

About NanoAvionics’ products and services

The Kongsberg NanoAvionics M6P is a 6U nanosatellite bus designed for NewSpace applications. The M6P’s onboard systems are flight-proven and are pre-configured, to simplify and speed up integration. This allows customers to focus more time and effort on higher-level mission tasks, such as optimizing payload performance or testing new services.

The Kongsberg NanoAvionics M16P is a 16U nanosatellite bus designed for NewSpace applications. It is designed to provide a pre-integrated and pre-qualified platform that is fully tested electrically, functionally, and mechanically for a faster and simpler setup. NanoAvionics offers three M16P nanosatellite standard performance configurations – Light, Mid, and Max – providing options that best match customers’ payload, mission objectives, and budget.

The Kongsberg NanoAvionics MP42H is a Microsatellite bus designed for space applications. It is a versatile system and has been optimized for high data throughput and complex communications missions and services. It is also suitable for research projects, emergency communications, and remote sensing services, and can be adapted to such applications with minimal reconfiguration.

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