The use of deployables in space – with DcubeD


A discussion of NewSpace applications and deployable sub-systems – with DcubeD

A conversation about the opportunities that deployable systems and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products are bringing to the space industry.

In this episode we speak with Thomas Sinn of Deployables Cubed (DcubeD) – a Munich-based NewSpace company, and satsearch member, specializing in the development of deployable components and sub-systems for small satellites. We discuss:

  • The use of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components in satellites
  • How to standardize and develop an existing product so that it can be considered a COTS system
  • What space companies can do to industrialize processes and develop product portfolios to meet demand
  • What capabilities and opportunities deployable systems can bring to satellite missions, and what the trade-offs can be

About DcubeD’s products

The DCUBED SPACE SELFIE STICK, shortened to D3S3, is a deployable camera attached to an 80 cm, self-unfurling boom that can take health monitoring and promotional images of a satellite in orbit.

A 25g, 17 mm3 pin puller suitable for a range of applications, such as triggering the release of deployable structures (e.g., solar arrays or antennas) or releasing the satellite from the launcher. It features an actuation sensor and adaptable interfaces.

nano DCUBED Release Nut (nD3RN) is a 25g, 17 mm3 release nut that can be used in various space applications, such as releasing a satellite from its launcher or triggering the release of a deployable antenna or solar array. Includes adaptable interfaces to work in different systems, and an in-built actuation sensor to confirm operation.

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