Satsearch joins the ESA BIC family


Satsearch is now officially part of the ESA BIC family! After a nervy period waiting for the decision by the Tender Evaluation Board, we have been officially accepted into the ESA BIC Noordwijk incubation program, offered through SBIC Noordwijk. This marks an important milestone for satsearch, as ESA BIC offers the ideal platform to propel us forward towards full-scale supply chain digitalization.

Having successfully completed the Rocket Program last year, it was natural for us to apply for the main incubation program. ESA BIC has a rich history of supporting startups; last year the network achieved a fantastic milestone, having incubated more than 500! We have negotiated a two-year incubation period at ESA BIC Noordwijk, during which we hope to accelerate our growth, tap into the vast ESA BIC network, and work closely with ESA and other stakeholders in the space value chain to democratize access to the global space supply chain.

On 8th May, 2018, the official signing ceremony was held at ESA BIC Noordwijk. This was an occasion for the new incubatees to meet each other and complete the formalities necessary to officially join the ESA BIC network. The signing ceremony was held during the monthly entrepreneur’s coffee meeting, giving us our first glimpse of how the community at ESA BIC Noordwijk comes together.

Many thanks to the various mentors and advisors who have supported our journey thus far. Special thanks to Martijn Leinweber who has guided us through every step of the process of understanding the ESA BIC philosophy. Furthermore, we’d like to take this chance to thank users, suppliers, and partners who have engaged with us: you keep us pushing forward! A special thank you to the TU Delft Startup Voucher & Coaching Programme that helped us in immeasurable ways.

Supply chain digitalization is vital to our collective aspirations to reach for the stars. Joining the ESA BIC network will enable us to make a huge leap forward to support the space industry towards a digital-first future. ESA BIC will also give us a unique opportunity to explore allied sectors, like drone/UAV and aviation, where our supply chain digitalization technologies can be transformative at a global scale.

We are excited to join Drones for Work, Centrip, and Smart Farm Sensing as the newest members of the ESA BIC Noordwijk community and we’re looking forward to a fantastic two years ahead!

Interested in learning more about our efforts to digitalize the global space supply chain? Get in touch!

Ad astra!


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