RHEA Group and satsearch launch new integration tool for concurrent design


Today marks a very important milestone in our journey as a company. We’re thrilled to announce the public release of an integration tool that allows concurrent design engineers to “drag-and-drop” space products into their design environment. We have partnered with RHEA Group to build this functionality into CDP4TM, a well-established, open-source platform for concurrent design.

We believe that making supply chain data available to engineers at their fingertips will drastically change the way complex space systems are designed. No more spending hours “Googling” for parts, scrolling through long PDF datasheets, and copy-pasting numbers into your design tools. It should be as easy as “drag-and-drop” and we’re very happy that RHEA Group shares this vision with us.

Get started today with the CDP4-satsearch integration tool by signing up on our website. We’re looking forward to expanding this integration in partnership with RHEA Group, delivering on our commitment to build next-gen tools to support space engineering.

For the official announcement, please refer to the following press release.


Free free to email me if you have any questions or if you’d like to build an integration with us.

Ad astra!


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