Mapping the landscape of the global space industry


Talk of “agile aerospace” has been around for sometime in the space industry. The fundamental question that drives the philosophy of agile aerospace, as defined in the space industry, is: ‘how do you increase the quality of service, while reducing the cost and delivery time by an order of magnitude?’

For us, this is the very question NewSpace has been trying to answer over the last decade. This thought process is what has led to a myriad of ground-breaking activities in the space industry, including a single rocket launching 88 satellites from one company, Planet. The same line of thought is what is leading to vertical integration in the space industry, with companies trying to take control of the upstream value chain, while exposing their customers to their downstream products.

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The question we are trying to answer at satsearch is: ‘how do we catalyze the process of agile aerospace, not just at VC-backed NewSpace startup level, but across the value chain, starting from academic institutions to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and large space industry giants?’‘

We believe the answer lies in globalizing and integrating the space supply chain to generate a competitive environment in terms of cost, schedule, and quality. Now, the question is: how do we get there?

The first step we are taking in this effort is to map the landscape of the global space industry by capturing suppliers and their products and services. At, we are building a platform that will capture every space business and their portfolio of products and services, be it specific components, subsystems or services. We believe this will enable companies to extend beyond traditional boundaries and develop partnerships that help support the agile aerospace paradigm. In particular, by mapping the landscape of the global space industry, we will unlock new opportunities for organizations to tap into the expertise and experience within local ecosystems. In a nutshell, satsearch will reduce market inefficiencies by an order of magnitude and in doing so, propel the next wave of agile aerospace solutions.

At present, we’ve listed over 300 suppliers of space products/services across the global. By integrating them on our platform, we are helping catalyze the process of search and discovery. We are helping to raise the profile of specific local ecosystems through satsearch. For instance, we have listed over 100 suppliers in India. We are utilizing our platform in India to convert the upbeat mood of frugal engineering and “jugaad” (low cost innovation) into real business for these SMEs. We aim to leverage local knowledge in similar ecosystems across the globe to generate new business opportunities for governmental organizations and commercial entities.

Today, we announce the relaunch of our website (, including new features, a new look and a brand spanking new logo! With this relaunch, we are extending an invitation to all space companies to get in touch, to take advantage of our search and discovery tools. To get involved, the first step is to get listed on our platform. Fill out this form to join the satsearch movement.

We’re looking forward to working with partners all around the world to transform the space business to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Ad astra!

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