Insights into the global space supply chain - December 2019

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Every month, thousands of people from around the world use satsearch to find out more information about the space industry; searching for new products, suppliers and services for a myriad of exciting projects.

We also receive requests from buyers looking for a wide selection of technology and expertise; we matchmake these requests with relevant suppliers in our network.

In this post, we’d like to share with you a few of the interesting insights that our wealth of data provides into the state of today’s global supply chain. In particular, we’ll share the location of satsearch buyers, the most popular suppliers and an overview of the leads we have received, all in December 2019.

An overview of satsearch statistics for December 2019

Despite the holiday period, December was a solid month for satsearch with buyers exploring products & services offered by many suppliers across the world.

In total, the platform was used in 95 countries.

Global distribution of satsearch users – December 2019
Analytics map showing the relative global distribution of satsearch buyers for December 2019.

We love seeing all of these areas lit up all across the globe. More and more businesses and organisations from many different countries are getting involved in space every quarter, and this map seems to get bluer every month!

The countries where satsearch buyers are based

To take a closer look at which countries have the satsearch buyers, we’ve provided the chart below:

Satsearch buyers, country of origin data – December 2019
Proportion of satsearch buyers originating from the top 10 countries globally, plus the rest of the world, in December 2019.

As can be seen, the US is the most popular country of origin for satsearch buyers, which is expected due to the amount of commercial NewSpace activity in the country. It’s also great to see the amount of interest in the global space supply chain coming from countries in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

There are over 1,300 suppliers along with thousands of products and services listed on the satsearch platform from all around the world. In December 2019, the most popular companies and products with our buyers were:

Top 5 suppliers Top 5 products/services
Hyperion Technologies RW210
Leaf Space PM200
Space Inventor ST200
NanoAvionics RW400
NewSpace Systems ST400

Obviously we’ve spotted that those top 5 products for December are all offered by one supplier, Hyperion Technologies, who is unsurprisingly the most popular supplier for the month too. This is a dynamic market with the top products and suppliers changing on a regular basis, so let’s see if they hold on to this top spot!

New business opportunities

Satsearch buyers submitted a total of 16 requests in December, resulting in dozens of leads for businesses in our community. The details of all of these are below:

  • Request for an NPC Spacemind cubesat structure link
  • Request for star trackers quotes link
  • Request for Langmuir probes link
  • Request for a UHF Ground Station link
  • Request for a camera link
  • Request for satellite heat pipes link
  • Request for a NewSpace Systems magnetometer link
  • Request for a Syrlinx X-Band transmitter link
  • Request for Yagi antennae for VHF and UHF ground stations link
  • Request for a QinetiQ Space thruster link
  • Request for a Morpheus Space thruster link
  • Request for an ExoTerra thruster link
  • Request for an Enpulsion thruster link
  • Request for microsatellite solar panels link
  • Request for solar array drive assembly link
  • Request for ground station services link

Insights into user activity in December 2019

As mentioned, we weren’t at all surprised to find that the US is the source of the largest volume of satsearch’s traffic for an individual country. We therefore decided to take a look at the most popular suppliers and products explored by buyers based in the US:

Top 5 suppliers Top 5 products/services
Hyperion Technologies VMT35
NewSpace Systems TILE 500
Vectronic Aerospace TILE 5000
Blue Canyon Technologies Cubesat Pulsed Plasma Thruster

It was interesting to note that the most popular products for US-based buyers, shared above, don’t tally with the most popular products globally (which were all products sold by Hyperion Technologies). This shows the importance of geographic localisation in the space market and how useful deeper insights into buyer behaviour can be.

In addition, to take a closer look at the geographical distribution of the traffic across the country we also broke down buyer numbers state by state:

US satsearch buyers, state of origin data – December 2019
Proportion of satsearch buyers originating from the top 10 US states, plus the rest of the country, in December 2019.

With the global aerospace business and technology hub of the Bay area and major commercial activity in other parts of the state, we expected California to be at the top - but it was interesting to note significant traffic from second-placed Virginia.

One of the reasons for this may have been the official opening of Rocket Lab’s first US launch site at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility boosting interest in the state. We’ll have to see what happens over the next few months - but based on these data alone the outlook could be pretty good for Virginia’s space industry - and for the companies that serve clients based there.

What data do you need?

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