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A back issue of our weekly newsletter from 22/03/19

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Hello and welcome to your weekly newsletter from satsearch!

Every week we share a few stories that have been gaining a lot of recent attention in the space industry, along with a few insights from our own work building the global marketplace for space.

So, without further ado …

Satsearch Member Spotlight: Morpheus Space**

Ground-breaking electric propulsion for small satellites
Efficient and controllable propulsion of smallsats opens up exciting new capabilities. The ability to alter orbits, avoid collisions and orient constellations can make satellite development and launches more valuable, versatile, sustainable and cost-effective. This week on the satsearch blog we featured Morpheus Space, a Germany-based manufacturer of innovative propulsion units that can achieve all these objectives – read more here.

CNES and ArianeGroup to accelerate launcher development in France
ArianeGroup already works closely with CNES on various projects for ESA, including the Prometheus rocket engine and Callisto reusable first stage demonstrator. To extend this partnership the two organisations recently announced an exciting new agreement to build an innovation platform designed to involve more startups and SMEs in the development of future launchers in France – read more here.

The complex orbit of a new lunar space station
While the current generation of NewSpace innovation is largely driven by the technical and commercial opportunities of satellites orbiting the Earth, future progress will be led by other exciting objectives. We’ve all heard about asteroid mining and the colonisation of Mars, but another topic gaining lots of recent interest is the Lunar Gateway; a space station designed to facilitate missions to both the Moon and space that will travel in a really interesting orbit – read more here.

CubeSat failures due to software errors
For the final trending article this week we have a very interesting piece on why university CubeSat projects can fail. The authors explain how software errors and different language competencies of developers can be catastrophic to some missions – read more here.

Tip of the week

Make it clear who you are, what you do & who you do it for
A lot of thought and effort usually goes into making a company name memorable, but less attention is paid to what comes next. When you’ve done the hard work of gaining some attention for your brand (by speaking at a conference or grabbing some press coverage for example) interested people will search for your company name online. Make sure they will find information that tells them exactly who you are and what you do.

Optimize your home page and metadata based off the simple formula ‘we are X and we do Y for Z’ and you’ll have a pretty good start. It also helps to get a fresh perspective on this, so ask a few contacts who may not be completely familiar with your business if it is obvious to them.

Ultimately your goal is to avoid causing any confusion for an interested website visitor. If you can make them see, at a glance, that this is the website of that company they read about in an article or saw present at a conference, you’ve succeeded.

And if you think that any of your contacts or colleagues might be interested in this newsletter, we’d really appreciate it if you would forward it on to them!

Ad astra!


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