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A back issue of our weekly newsletter from 15/03/19

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Good afternoon and welcome to your weekly satsearch newsletter

Every week we share with you a handful of stories that have been trending in the industry, along with a few insights of our own. So, without further ado:

China to build space-based solar power station
Fresh from the recent success of landing on the dark side of the Moon, on Monday the news was shared that China plans to build a solar power station in space. Beginning as early as 2021, smaller facilities will be launched to collect solar energy and beam it back to Earth using microwave or laser technology. There are numerous technological challenges of course, but this really is an exciting and ambitious goal from a country with a burgeoning space sector – read more here.

Space BD wins new contract with JAXA
We are delighted to share the news that one of our valued partners Space BD has been selected as the sole commercial service provider to the Japanese Space Agency JAXA for the utilization of the IVA-replaceable Small Exposed Experiment Platform (i-SEEP). The i-SEEP is a hardware adapter for the Japanese Experiment Module, nicknamed Kibo, a science module attached to the ISS – read more here.

What actually was ‘Oumuamua?
Do you remember when the odd cigar-shaped object ‘Oumuamua passed through our Solar System at a breakneck speed in 2017? Subsequent observations indicated that it was moving faster than we would expect, acting as if it was under a small but constant force. Now a new paper has come out that argues the object was likely not as flat as expected, and may have been both porous and have developed in a fractal form. The story gets weirder! – read more here.

Let’s talk about NewSpace
The NewSpace sector is an emerging area of the space industry that has gained a lot of attention, investment and, yes, hype in recent years. But many people outside of the sector aren’t familiar with its full scope. To help give anyone interested in the market a really thorough introduction we recently produced a new article on NewSpace in our ‘Let’s talk about’ series – you can check out the post here

A satsearch bus dev tip – being clear on the costs and the savings
When building business in the space sector there are all sorts of costs that a client will factor in to a buying decision – so make sure you are choosing the most relevant message to meet their needs in sales conversations.

While it might seem like a good idea to emphasise the low cost of your technology unit compared to competitors, you also need to make sure that this doesn’t affect the perception of quality. But in addition, to your upstream clients the cost per unit might be less important than, for example, the cost per mission or cost per launch. They will also be factoring in the risks and insurance costs, and the time and resources needed to gain regulatory approvals.

The closer you can get to your clients the more you will be able to learn about what issues matter most to them. And if you can use this information to develop sales and marketing messages, there is more chance they will resonate with the client and lead to success.

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